Life and Settling Up @NCTU

Coming up from the previous Blog Post, you must have understood that I am currently studying at National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu Taiwan.

Life at NCTU

Living in Hsinchu is very nice, the city has large housing societies, large park’s spread across the city to relax, and the NCTU Campus is perfect to spend the evening strolls. The lush green campus provides perfect situation to ease up the mood after a stressful day/week. Being a pioneering Institute in Taiwan, the University is has well funded and equipped labs and have immense Internship opportunities with the Science Park nearby.

There are usually fun activities arranged throughout the semester to keep the students engaged in social activities too. There are many student clubs which are co-funded by the university & usually the Students from NCTU and NTHU team up on organising local events for fun and activities.

In terms of Accommodation, NCTU offers Dorm facilities to the Student of the university, staying in dorm is probably the best choice for single students, the rooms are spacy, in -campus and provide adequate facilities for the students. The rooms in campus are usually 4 sharing, but they are well furnished with chairs, cupboards bed and internet. Safety and Transportation are taken care of while staying in campus.

NCTU has a large library and is open till 10PM on the weekdays, for student to take advantage of, it is also open for late hours during the exam time, to facilitate students take advantage of the 24Hrs open study hall. There are dominantly 3 Dining halls in the campus which offer variety of dishes to eat from. Apart from theses, there are small stores which offer snacks to the students. The campus also has 3 of the famous chain of 24*7 convenience stores in campus i.e. 7-11, Family Mart & Hi Life.

All this is well and good, but the toughest part is, getting through the coursework and the research of the studies simultaneously. Choosing the right professor for your research interest is the major challenge, there are many labs and professor who are into various field of research. The professor’s here are very kind and supportive to their students, this is very important and I believe this is what keeps me motivated to work.

At NCTU, we the International Student’s are encouraged and motivated to make ourselves as comfortable with the Local and the University has take various steps to ensure that the international students community is well adjusted. There are Students from various different countries around the world and it is a privilege for us to learn the cultures and to share intellect among them.

We feel privileged to be a part of NCTU


New Journey at National Chiao Tung University

Seeking Higher Studies in Taiwan

Taiwan is a Small Island nation situated east of China, South-West of Japan and North of Philippines. As a fact, it is the most populous state and the largest economy that is not a member of the United Nations. It is also highly ranked in terms HealthCare, Public Education, Economic Freedom, and Human Development.

Taiwan has a good number of Public and Private universities, and a majority of the public universities receive financial support form the government. This support has created a sustainable growth in the quality of education among the universities in Taiwan.

Among the many, NCTU is ranked in the top five institutes in Taiwan and among the top 50 in Asia. because of this reason, it has been my preferred choice, complemented with friendly faculty members and quick access to the Science Park, which has a lot of IT and Semi-Conductor driven industries.

Applying to NCTU

Applying to NCTU is Simple, the application open for intake twice a year, and there are various scholarship awards for early applications and outstanding students.

Aspiring Students can find details in the link: Office of International Affairs, NCTU

Life @NCTU

Life here is pretty fast-paced, as Hsinchu is an Engineer’s Heaven in Taiwan rather than a cosmo. But it is not in the spirit of a student and explorer to be disappointed by the surroundings. The University is big – lush with green, and high rise building which serves as academics. For the most part of the semester, it is bustling with activities and functions.

I joined NCTU in September 2017, and since then it has been a wonderful journey throughout. During the early weeks, we had a lot of fun activities in the college organized by different department and clubs.

My First Proper meal in Taiwan… It was good and enjoyed it. But as Indian food struggles are real.


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Sunset at Nanliao Beach.
The Beautiful NCTU Lake
NCTU Skyline with the Baseball Ground.

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The Lakes and Parks around the campus are a huge attraction for the families to spend time with children and for outdoor activities during the weekend. It is delightful to hang around the campus during the weekend.

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This is a short Insight of the fun life we are having at NCTU and exploring the island of Taiwan.

Hang on for more updates.